‘Jacksonville is a City of Hope’ and the Festival is Just the Beginning

By   •   May 31, 2015

Man with arms lifted
Sunday was the third and final night of the Greater Jacksonville Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham. People of all ages and races filled the Veterans Memorial Arena, many ready to worship.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham preached on Zacchaeus from Luke 19 and how he sought out Christ.
Woman worshiping
Touched by the worship of Tasha Cobbs on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida.
Tasha Cobbs
One of the most powerful moments of the night came as Tasha Cobbs got people on their feet and even dancing to praise songs. The crowd couldn't get enough; more and more gradually left their seats to join others in front of the stage.
Caves opened the event and got the crowd ready for worship.
Alvin Brown
Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown briefly addressed the audience. "Jacksonville is a city of hope," he said, then gave thanks to Jesus Christ for the Festival and all those in attendance. Many in the crowd found a hope of their own later in the evening as they came forward to make Christ their Savior.
Dennis Agajanian
The crowd was mesmerized by Dennis Agajanian, a lightning-fast guitarist.
Man and boy
Rocking out to Tasha Cobbs.
Woman dancing
It's hard to sit still during such moving worship. This woman, like so many others, was up and moving around the whole time.
Tasha Cobbs
Tasha Cobbs went through a period of depression, but told the crowd that Jesus Christ is bigger than any trial that comes her way. She sang her hit song "Break Every Chain."
Woman and girl
Dozens responded to the Holy Spirit tugging on their hearts, but each person got one-on-one time with a trained counselor who encouraged and prayed with those they were matched with.
Franklin Graham
"I can't save you," Franklin Graham said, adding that only Jesus can do that. Many were saved Sunday night.
Men hugging
Many are thankful to have someone to talk to when they respond to the Gospel. Counselors follow up with each person they counsel, even after the event.
Woman wiping tear
A tear of joy and relief, knowing God's forgiveness.
Counselor and service dog
One counselor took her service dog along to talk to a girl about Jesus.
Women hugging
No one is alone when they respond to Christ at a Festival.
Mom and son
One woman was excited to bring her son down to learn more about Jesus.
Men praying in circle
A tight prayer circle formed on the arena floor as a group of men prayed together.
Crowd up front
Hundreds filled the venue, but many left their seats when Franklin Graham invited them to the front to express their decision to accept Christ.
Charlie Daniels Band
At 78, Charlie Daniels hasn't slowed down. One by one, smartphones were lifted high above the crowd to capture this legend on video.
Charlie Daniels on fiddle
Charlie Daniels sang hymns and paid tribute to military servicemen and women, but couldn't end the night without playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Guitarist Dennis Agajanian came back onstage to play along.