Hundreds in Mexico Find Safe Haven in Christ

By Tommy Berry   •   April 2, 2017

Crowd shot, man with his arm in the air
The Celebration of Hope in Pachuca, Mexico, marked Will Graham's first Latin America Celebration and drew thousands over a three-day period, March 31-April 2.
Evangelist Will Graham
On April 1, an estimated 6,100 people came out for day two of the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham in Pachuca. The event wrapped up the following day.
Girl smiling and listening to Celebration counselor
A counselor talks with a young girl after Will Graham's invitation to follow Christ.
Women dancing in festive dresses
A unique tidbit about Pachuca, Mexico, is its nickname, “Mexico’s Little Cornwall.” The area was heavily influenced by Cornish immigrants, who arrived in the 1820s to mine silver. The Brits introduced fútbol (soccer) to Mexico as well as their signature dish, a “pastie” (pastry filled with meat).
"In Spirit & In Truth" band on stage with the words "Jesus" on large screen
In Spirit & In Truth helped prepare hearts for the Gospel message.
Man closely reading Celebration material
This man carefully studies discipleship material he received at the Celebration. Leading up to this weekend's events, churches handed out some 50,000 “Bring a Friend” cards that encouraged believers to pray for and invite non-believers to the 3-day Celebration.
Large crowd at Celebration
Standing in front of God and man to surrender their hearts to Christ.
Evangelist Will Graham preaching; Galo Vasquez, director of Latin American Ministries at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association interprets
Will Graham challenged Pachucans to make a decision. "You say you're religious, but you've never surrendered your life to Christ. When it comes to Jesus, you cannot be neutral."
The Mi Esperanza Band on stage
The Mi Esperanza Band's praises filled the popular David Ben Gurion Park, best known for its tile mosaic ground built by Mexico’s Jewish community.
Happy crowd tossing around a beach ball
Happy faces.
Woman in crowd with hand lifted high
“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” —Colossians 3:2
Man with hands clutched
Will you pray for all the people who made decisions for Christ through the Celebration of Hope?