Graham Tour: Thousands Hear the Gospel During Second Australia Stop

By   •   February 13, 2019

Although Darwin is fairly quiet this time of year, the Graham Tour brought some buzz to the city with a free event at the Darwin Convention Centre. The capital of Australia's Northern Territory, Darwin's name is connected to the father of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin. But after taking the stage, Franklin Graham assured the crowd their lives weren't created by happenstance.

“God made you. God created you. And God created you to have fellowship with Him," he said.
Colorful sunsets, golden brown sand and blue-green water (with plenty of crocodiles) are all signature to Darwin. The tropical city is about a four-hour flight from Australia's major cities, but distance didn't keep those in neighboring areas away.
About 85 percent of Darwin's churches participated in the Graham Tour. From passing out wristbands and free T-shirts to praying with people and making sure Bibles got in the hands of those who needed them—local Christians were enthusiastic about getting involved and being part of sharing the Gospel in the Northern Territory.
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Darwin has an estimated population of 140,000 people with a mix of more than 60 nationalities. Indigenous people make up some 30 percent of Northern Territory’s population. Unfortunately, many Aborigines find themselves plagued by social problems like alcoholism and homelessness. Praise God that many heard and responded to the Gospel message Franklin Graham shared during Wednesday's Graham Tour event.
In 1959, it's estimated that half of Australia's population heard Billy Graham preach during a three-month visit to Australia—about one-third of them (3 million-plus) in person and the rest via radio, TV or landlines. God used those Crusades to call thousands to faith—and some into ministry—impacting families for decades to come.
Now, as Franklin Graham nears the midway point of his tour around Australia 60 years after his father, the Gospel is continuing to change many lives in the Land Down Under. Here, hundreds walk forward in Darwin during the invitation to accept Christ.
As Franklin Graham preached the story of the prodigal son, people in the audience listened intently.
"This young man came back to his father, and his father was not back on the farm working," Franklin explained. "He was standing at the front of that house … looking down that road because he knew one day his son was going to come home. He knew that boy who was dead would come to life. That boy who was lost was going to be found."
Dennis and Danny Agajanian performed a variety of songs, putting their own spin on classics like "Give Me Oil In My Lamp" and "Do Lord Remember Me." The brother duo are sticking around for the entire Graham Tour, which is now headed to Melbourne—the third of six cities where Franklin is preaching.
The popular Australian worship band Planetshakers was a crowd favorite. "We believe the church should be the greatest party on the planet!" one band member said onstage. "We’ve got the greatest reason to celebrate. His name is Jesus."
Crowder also got the audience moving, mixing strings, piano and heavy drum beats into his worship.
“Many people are searching … but there’s still that void. People are searching for meaning to their life. They don’t have purpose,” Franklin Graham said. “We have an emptiness that can only be filled by God Himself."
"God loves you. He’s got a plan for your life," Franklin continued. "He wants to give you peace. He wants to give you joy. He wants you to be fulfilled."
Ezekiel, a 23-year-old prayer volunteer from the Philippines who now lives in Darwin, was thrilled to see a friend come forward during the invitation to accept Christ. When asked why he decided to get involved, he said, “It’s the least I could do for what Jesus did for me."
By the end of the night hundreds had made decisions for Christ. In addition to those who heard the Good News at the venue in Darwin, a large audience representing 23 countries also watched live online.
"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." —John 8:32
Explaining his prayer for those who decided Wednesday to follow Jesus, Ezekiel said, "I pray that God will reveal Himself to them completely. I pray that God will guide them and point them to the right place. The Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t want our hearts to be broken. He came so that our hearts would be full."
Join Ezekiel and others in continuing to pray for Darwin and the entire Northern Territory, asking God to grow the seeds that were planted. The Graham Tour moves on to Melbourne, Australia, for an event on Saturday.