God Moves Powerfully at Packed-to-Capacity Ukraine Festival

By Ron Nickel   •   June 20, 2015

Lviv Ukraine
On June 20, years of prayers culminated with a Festival of Hope in the beautiful, historic city of Lviv, Ukraine.
Franklin praying
Franklin Graham prays before heading to Arena Lviv to preach the Gospel. For months, Christians across Ukraine prayed for the Festival of Hope every day at 10 p.m., just before bed. A week before the Festival, churches ramped up their efforts by organizing around-the-clock prayer until the event began.
Lviv around town
Lviv is in the far western part of Ukraine, near the Polish border. The other side of Ukraine has been caught in a deadly conflict with Russia for more than a year.
Franklin and local leaders
Franklin Graham spends time with local leaders in Lviv.
Music acts from Ukraine and around the world performed at the Festival of Hope.
Bria Blessing
Bria Blessing's powerful worship music was a crowd favorite. Bria's family moved from the United States to become missionaries in Ukraine in the 1990s.
Franklin preaching
Franklin Graham preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an interpreter by his side. His message was focused on the story of the Prodigal Son, who abandoned his father to pursue a wild lifestyle. When he finally came home, broke and humiliated, his father welcomed him back with forgiveness and open arms. Franklin explained how the father represents God and the son who ran away represents us.
Listening intently.
Arena Lviv is designed to seat 35,000. On Saturday, more than 39,000 people were packed inside to hear the Gospel.
Powerful moments after the invitation to come forward and accept Jesus Christ.
Two young women stand together after Franklin Graham gave an invitation to come forward and accept Christ. More than 1,900 people responded to the invitation.
A trained Festival counselor speaks with some young men who came forward after the invitation to accept Christ.
Michael W Smith
Michael W. Smith led a celebratory worship set.
A touching moment of joy following the invitation to accept Jesus.