Get a Peek Inside Billy Graham Library Renovations

By   •   March 10, 2022

Billy Graham Library cross
If you stepped inside the Billy Graham Library’s cross-shaped doors right now, this is what you’d see. The Library—in Charlotte, North Carolina—has been closed since late December for a refresh and to build a large multipurpose room for seminary groups, large bus tours and other visitors.
Journey of Faith construction
The Journey of Faith tour—which guides visitors through key points in Billy Graham’s life and ministry—will feature new technology, exhibits and interactive displays when the Library reopens this summer.
Franklin Graham at Library construction
In late February, Franklin Graham reviewed the project’s progress. One of the new exhibits, the "final journey" will feature multimedia coverage of the events surrounding his father’s death, including the statewide motorcade, funeral, burial, and lying in honor at the U.S. Capitol.
Journey of Faith construction
You might recognize this construction zone as the final room of the tour. Visitors exit through the cross structure in the far right doorway, which is typically illuminated in vivid colors.
man pulling materials
The Library grounds, typically bustling with families and friends, are now filled with workers wearing hard hats and safety vests.
Ruth's Attic construction
No part of the Library is left untouched, including Ruth’s Attic bookstore—one of the only brick and mortar Christian bookstores in the Charlotte, North Carolina, region.
Billy Graham Library expansion
On the left side of the building, the Library is expanding to include a multipurpose room accommodating 300 people for training, lectures, symposiums and concerts. “In its own way, the training room is a clear reflection of the heart of Billy Graham,” explained David Bruce, executive vice president of the Billy Graham Library. “While he was a preacher by calling, he was also an equipper by nature.”
Billy Graham Library in spring
Even if you've visited the Billy Graham Library before, make plans to check out the new updates this summer. “The crown jewel of all that we do is the message of the Gospel through the life of Billy Graham as it’s told,” said Bruce. “The Library is built on the reflection of a strong past, but now an exciting future. It’s being renewed for a new generation.”