Emotional Dallas Community Honors Fallen Officers

By Ron Nickel   •   July 11, 2016

chaplains praying
A total of 20 Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains were in Dallas, Texas, by Saturday to offer a ministry of presence after the tragic police shooting that left five officers dead.
Officer crying
It has been a difficult time for law enforcement members in Dallas and beyond as they attempt to grasp such a major tragedy involving their own.
man in "Pray for Dallas" shirt
Pray for Dallas.
Group writing on sign
One group traveled from South Carolina, where the infamous Emanuel A.M.E. Church shooting took place just over a year ago. “We understand what it means,” said Emanuel Simon, who lives near Charleston. “And our hearts just go out to the people of Dallas, and all the people involved.”
Chaplain hugs police officer
On Sunday, chaplains split up to attend church services around the city. This group landed at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, led by Dr. Tony Evans. Evans invited the chaplains to the pulpit to pray with law enforcement members.
covered police car
In just a few days, the two police cars parked in front of headquarters have been completely covered in flowers, notes, Scripture, candles, teddy bears and other items in memory of the men who lost their lives and to honor those who continue to protect and serve.
Boys give thumbs up
These two little guys came to visit the “police house” with their mom, who has friends in law enforcement. Before leaving, they were donned with shiny badge stickers officers passed out at the memorial site.
officer with kids
Taking time to chat with a few neighborhood kids.
Woman with chaplain
Many tears have been shed at the memorial site. Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains are there ministering to anyone in need.
Cross at memorial site
A large cross was placed on one of the cars as a symbol of how we need Christ to overcome evil and sin.
man carrying flags
A somber moment as this man walked into the police station carrying five flags to be given to the families of the five officers slain.
Girl looks at memorial site
Even as the sun set, people were still stopping by to pay their respects.
group praying
Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains join in group prayer in front of the Dallas Police Department headquarters.
chaplain praying
Prayer went on for a bit, ending with everyone kneeling. "You could just feel the presence of God in the group circle," one chaplain said.
flowers and memorial site
At times, it’s almost silent around the memorial as people pay their respects. The weight of this tragedy and its deep impact on the community can be felt.
Man with police officers
A pat on the back, handshake, kind word—people did what they could to let officers know they're appreciated.
chaplain with police officer
Despite tough circumstances, officers kept their spirits high while interacting with visitors and chaplains.
Woman poses with police officer
“No handshakes, only hugs!” this officer said as she met with visitors.
notes on car
“We just wanted to show our appreciation to the Dallas Police Department because we live around here, and we have some friends that are Dallas Police,” 15-year-old Carmen Magana said. “We have extreme respect for all those who serve.”