Easter at Billy Graham Library Captivates Young Audience

By John Strong   •   March 27, 2021

Young family members sit on bench, smiling
A beautiful, warm day greeted guests at the Billy Graham Library on March 27 for its annual Easter activities. Over 1,000 people attended, with hundreds of children and their families taking The Journey of Faith tour which documents the Gospel message Billy Graham preached for decades.
Boy making a piece of art on canvas
More than 300 guests took part in the Library's cross-centered crafts. This boy works on a piece of art depicting three crosses on a hill in recognition of Jesus' sacrifice for the sins of humanity.
Adults and children sitting on wood benches, listening to story
Story time on the patio was a favorite as kids heard the Gospel and the significance of Easter—the day Jesus rose from the dead.
Man reads list to girl in wheelchair
As families took the free Library tour, children received a Resurrection Quest, where they discovered the Easter story along the way. Each child received an Easter devotional. >>You can lead your family in Easter devotions through Will Graham's new 5-part devotional, The Suffering of the King. Get your free PDF.
Adult helping a child's hands decorate a cookie
Decorating a cross cookie together with icing and sprinkles.
Little girl sitting on bench next to plant, smiling
Just a quick pose for the family.
Balloons in front of cotton candy stand
Handspun cotton candy was a hit!
One girl leaning on cornhole board, another standing behind
A round of cornhole, or at least attempting it.
Woman handing girl items for a craft
What does Easter have to do with you? Find out.