Drenched Detroit Suburb Receives Support From Chaplains

By Dale Young   •   July 14, 2021

Billy Graham chaplains praying with an older couple
The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) deployed to a Detroit, Michigan, suburb after flooding destroyed over 700 homes. Crisis-trained chaplains Robert and Frieda Roulds prayed with a couple on the front porch of their home on Tuesday, July 13.
Three women praying on a porch
Chaplains Tommi Jeremiah (left) and Gina Small (center) pray with a Dearborn resident. The woman was watching her parents' home that was damaged by flooding in the basement.
Chaplains praying hand-in-hand with chief of police and staff
While ministering in the area, chaplains Robert and Frieda Roulds met with Dearborn Chief of Police Robert Haddad and his staff.
Three women praying together in home
BG-RRT chaplains are providing emotional and spiritual support to the water-logged community near Detroit. Here, chaplains Tommi Jeremiah and Gina Small pray with an elderly Michigan resident in her damaged home.
Chaplains sit with a woman on a porch
The community is still recovering from the heavy rainfall that began in late June. Please keep this area in your prayers as people there recover.