Decision America Tour: Photos from Wyoming

By Tommy Berry and Earl Davidson   •   August 12, 2016

Older man and younger man smiling
Wyoming was Franklin Graham's 35th stop on the Decision America Tour. An estimated 2,400 people met in Cheyenne to pray for America.
woman holding sign that says "One nation under God"
Proudly holding up her sign.
“God hears prayer,” Franklin Graham said, encouraging the crowd to pray for their country and stand up for God. “It’ll be too late if we ignore Him.”
Man with boy on shoulders. Boy wearing cowboy hat.
The perfect hat for a sunny day.
Man in crowd smiling
Wyoming is a big state where communities are often spread apart, but Friday, many people drove for hours to come together in prayer and worship.
Woman sitting on ground, listening
This woman found a seat right up front and soaked up Franklin Graham's challenge to put God first and get involved in current affairs.
Large crowd
A view from above of hundreds of people coming together.
Teens holding American flags
The younger generation showing their patriotism.
Man with arms lifted, praying
An unashamed cry out to God.
Girl sitting
A big smile from a little girl.
Woman wearing hat with hands clasped
We're living in troubling times, Franklin Graham has said, but there's something we can do about it. He's encouraging people across the nation to pray and vote.
Franklin Graham shaking man's hand, smiling
Taking a moment to meet those who came out to join the tour.
Boy in wheelchair on oxygen, holding American flag and smiling, wearing "I have decided" T-shirt
We all have a decision to make: How are we going to respond to God? Find peace with Him today.
Franklin Graham standing on stage in front of crowd
Franklin Graham is standing firm for God and country.
Chaplain and young man laughing
Brandon Clyburn (left), a 25-year-old in the crowd, said after the rally, he hopes people will meditate on what was said and continue seeking God’s will in the political realm. “Politics should be centered around God,” he said. “It’s time for Him to take control of it again.”