Decision America Tour: Photos from Vermont

By Tommy Berry and Paul Sherar   •   August 24, 2016

Woman holding "We love God" sign in crowd
Vermont may be a relatively small state, with just over 626,000 people, but the folks who turned out at the Montpelier prayer rally proudly expressed their strong love for God.
Woman sitting in lawn chair, shaking Franklin Graham's hand
Montpelier, Vermont, was the 37th stop on Franklin Graham's Decision America Tour.
Family holding hands in a line, praying
Many parents bring their children to the Decision America rallies to show them the importance of prayer.
Man on one knee, praying
Brought to his knee in prayer at the 37th Decision America Tour rally in Montpelier, Vermont.
An estimated 1,800 people attended Wednesday's rally in the capital city of Montpelier.
Woman standing with eyes closed
Franklin Graham led the crowd in prayer to the Almighty God: "We pray that you would heal the heart of this nation."
As always, Franklin Graham didn't pass up an opportunity to share the life-changing message of the Gospel. "He'll give you a new life, a new beginning," he said about Jesus Christ.
Man holding tall wooden cross, smiling and shaking hands with volunteer
Tobiah Steinmetz came to the prayer rally with his family, carrying a wooden cross he's taking across the nation. He struck up conversation with some of the Decision America Tour volunteers.
Parents holding two sleepy kids
Tired kids, praying parents.
man and woman with arms raised
It was a hot day in Montpelier with the sun beating down on the crowd, but attendees stuck it out to be part of this prayer movement across America.
Franklin Graham waved to some people in the shade as he passed by.
Woman sitting by flowers, head in hands
Deep in thought and prayer.
Man holding two framed photos
This U.S. Marine veteran brought framed pictures of Billy and Ruth Graham to the rally.
"We've got to have more Christians who will get involved," Franklin Graham said from the Vermont State House steps.
Lines of people, holding hands
Hundreds joined hands in praying for repentance, both personal and nationwide.
Woman in biker vest, older man and woman join hands
The Decision America rallies have brought together people from all walks of life who are standing unified in prayer.
Franklin Graham left a challenge with the Vermont crowd before the rally ended: "Vote!" Are you registered?
Volunteer with hand on man's shoulder, praying
A volunteer takes a moment to pray with a man who attended the rally.
Decision America isn't just about a rally in each state. It's a call to live out your faith at home and in public and to engage in politics however you're able.