Decision America Tour: Photos from Nevada

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   March 30, 2016

"Let's take our communities back ... let's take our country back," Franklin Graham said on Wednesday at the Decision America Tour prayer rally in Carson City, Nevada. "Just think what God could do to this country if the church took a stand."
Listening intently to Franklin Graham.
The Decision America Tour bus makes a great photo op.
Local volunteers made sure to greet attendees with a smile and an America flag.
Franklin Graham took time to shake hands and greet those in attendance. Wednesday marked the 12th stop on the Decision America Tour across the nation.
At numerous Decision America Tour stops, parents have expressed concern about the type of nation their children will grow up in. "The best thing we can do for this country now is to pray," Franklin Graham said.
Tens of thousands have come together for the Decision America Tour, determined to cover the nation in prayer and confident their prayers have an impact.
The prayer rally was held at the Nevada Capitol Amphitheater, allowing those passing by to also hear God's Word shared by Franklin Graham.
Showing support for God and country during Wednesday's prayer rally.
This group continued to pray passionately out loud even after the rally was over.
Getting a good view from the trees.
"You want to do something? You get out and you vote," Franklin Graham urged the crowd in Carson City.
Say cheese!
Flags are distributed at each prayer rally and are waved proudly.
A Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain prays with a group of ladies.
Little ones taking in the sights.
Uniting in prayer in Carson City, Nevada.