Decision America Tour: Photos from Montana

By Tommy Berry and TJ Petrino   •   August 9, 2016

After a month-long break from the Decision America Tour, it picked back up Tuesday with a passionate crowd and strong message from Franklin Graham in Helena, Montana.
Dennis Agajanian
Dennis Agajanian gets the crowd moving before his longtime friend Franklin Graham takes the stage.
Group of young people
The Decision America prayer rallies have drawn large families and youth groups from state to state.
Franklin Graham
Well into the second half of his 50-state tour, Franklin Graham has declared the same message: The only hope for America is Almighty God.
Franklin Graham with crowd
The hot Montana sun wasn’t going to keep people from joining in the prayer rally.
Children on steps
Just hanging out.
Man with flag
Excited to join in prayer with fellow Christians.
Men praying
Standing strong in prayer.
Franklin Graham
The crowd in Montana was very engaged, often cheering and clapping as Franklin Graham talked about the need for prayer and action by believers.
Crowd praying
Lifting prayers and worship up to God.
crowd and Capitol building
Before the prayer rally started, Enid Jensen said many of her daily prayers are for herself or her family, but Tuesday she was taking time to pray on a larger scale—both state and nationwide.
Man with sign
A friendly invite for all.
Franklin Graham giving thumbs up
Tuesday marked Franklin Graham’s 33rd stop on the Decision America Tour.
Woman with hand raised
Many older attendees said they were encouraged to see so many younger people there.
Woman praising
It didn't matter what others did, this woman relished in her moment with God.