Decision America Tour: Photos From Mississippi

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   April 13, 2016

The volunteers at each Decision America rally are enthusiastic and passionate.
An estimated 6,400 came together at the Mississippi State Capitol to pray for their country.
Franklin Graham waves goodbye to the crowd after he left them with this charge: "Run! Run for office. Get involved in the political process."
This Mississippian knows what it's all about.
Humble repentance and prayer. That's what can bring America back to God.
People joined hands as they agreed that the Lord needs to move in our midst if we are to ever be one nation under God.
This young man is making a commitment to serve God and country.
You're never too young to start praying for your country.
Showing their allegiance to Jesus.
Absorbing every word Franklin Graham said from the podium.
The Decision America Tour stop on Wednesday in Jackson, Mississippi, marked the 15th prayer rally of the year for Franklin Graham.
Bowing before the One who can heal our land.
Several Mississippi state officials were present at the Decision America prayer rally.
A different angle of the sea of Mississippians who showed up to demonstrate love for God and country.
"The most important thing we can do is pray," said Franklin Graham.
Crying out to God in a spirit of worship.
There were several veterans who flocked to the State Capitol grounds to pray. Read about two of them in our story about the Mississippi stop.