Decision America Tour: Photos from California

By Tommy Berry and Ron Nickel   •   March 31, 2016

"God hears prayer." Franklin Graham reminded the crowd again and again the power of their conversations with God at the Decision America stop in California March 31.
Prayer rallies will be held in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama next.
An estimated 7,500 people gathered at the California State Capitol—the largest Decision America Tour crowd to date.
Proudly holding their "Prayer Changes Things" bumper stickers and American flags distributed at the Decision America rally in California on March 31.
Women wearing 'Jesus Never Fails' shrits.
At each prayer rally, Franklin Graham uses text messages to send information and connect attendees with the ministry.
A simple yet powerful message from Philippians 4:6-7.
Franklin Graham in California
Bicycle, bus, car and foot—people got to the rally the best they knew how.
A smile and a message for America.
Many young people got to hear God's Word and experience the power of thousands uniting in prayer.
These guys turned heads and warmed hearts with their passion for living boldly for Christ.
Many brought shofars with them. The sound of the instrument is a way of declaring God's victory over spiritual warfare.
Riding in style to the Capitol steps.
After the event, many decided to attend a public forum inside the Capitol with pro-life candidates.
Standing firm in prayer.
Franklin Graham also shared greetings from Billy Graham. "If my father could, I believe he'd be right here with me."
Pastor Bruce drove about two hours to attend Thursday's prayer rally. He made a point to greet just about everyone who came his way and share the excitement of what took place at the Capitol.
Franklin Graham addresses thousands who are fired up to pray for America. An estimated 7,500 people gathered at the California State Capitol on March 31—the largest Decision America Tour crowd to date.