Decision America Pacific Northwest Photos: Tri-Cities

By Ron Nickel and Paul Sherar   •   August 8, 2018

After three events in Oregon, the Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour rolled to its first Washington stop on Tuesday, August 7. A crowd of more than 13,000 came to Columbia Point Marina Park in Richland to hear Franklin Graham share the Gospel. Richland is part of a trio of cities known as the Tri-Cities, which includes Kennewick and Pasco.
“I want you to hear tonight how you can escape God’s judgment,” Franklin Graham told the crowd. Speaking from 2 Kings 21, he shared how sin is a barrier that separates us from God. But there is hope in Christ.
“It’s beautiful here, but it’s nothing compared to Heaven,” Jeremy Camp said as he led worship at sunset along the Columbia River. Some 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark camped near the waterway while on an expedition.
Hats, sunglasses and umbrellas were used to block the bright, summer sunlight.
The Tri-Cities area boasts sunny weather an average of 300 days per year and only gets about seven inches of rain annually. This and the variety of rivers inspire many outdoor enthusiasts to call this place home.
Two women embrace after an evening of experiencing God at work.
As kids swung from monkey bars at the nearby playground, Dennis Agajanian—whose guitar skills once set a world record—kicked off the night in the park.
“We can’t love in our strength,” Jeremy Camp said. “We have to love through [God’s] power and and strength.”
From crawling babies to the elderly using walkers, people of all ages attended the event. With a population of more than 250,000, the growing metropolitan area in southeast Washington is booming.
Washington's 2018 primary elections were also held on Tuesday, adding greater meaning as the Decision America Tour attendees stood unified as the body of Christ to pray for their state's lawmakers. "I don't tell people how to vote; God does that," Franklin Graham said.
Even though there are more than 1,100 dams in Washington, nothing could hold back the love of Christ that flooded through the park on Tuesday.
Buses, cars and bikes were all forms of transportation taken to the park. Several chose to take part in the event from the top of their vehicles, enabling them to see above the crowd.
Many people brought snacks to eat during their evening outdoors. One family even brought a grill to cook hotdogs for the occasion.
“If we’re willing to put our faith and trust in Him, we don’t have to worry about where we’ll spend eternity,” Franklin said. At the close of the message, hundreds chose to stand up and make a decision for Christ.
Praise God for revival in the Tri-Cities. The Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour heads to Spokane next. Join us at the event on Thursday or watch live at at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET.