Current and Prospective Chaplains Receive Crisis Training at The Cove

By   •   June 20, 2018

Chaplains in rocking chairs facing the mountains.
Chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) take in a view of the mountains during a recent chaplain training conference, held annually at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina.
A woman and a man talk on the porch.
About half of those who attended the conference are current RRT chaplains there for more training. The other half do not serve with RRT but are interested in chaplaincy.
A couple of people pose for a photo.
Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain Kevin Williams and his wife during some down time at The Cove.
5 people standing for a picture.
A handful of the 350 people who attended training at The Cove.
Once trained, volunteer chaplains may deploy to natural or man-made disasters at a moment's notice. They go to offer emotional and spiritual care to those experiencing some of life's most difficult trials.
Three people standing in a circle, praying.
Chaplains prayed with those who are interested in chaplaincy. Many who aren't already chaplains applied to become chaplains as a result of the conference.
A young woman reading in a rocking chair.
RRT staff member Allie LaBruna takes a quiet moment during her time in the North Carolina mountains. The Cove offers seminars, Bible studies, concerts, personal spiritual retreats and more throughout the year. Learn more.