Crowd Packs Helena Fairgrounds for Will Graham Celebration

By   •   September 9, 2019

Sunday ended the three-day event in Helena, but there are still two stops left for the Big Sky Celebration. Will Graham stops next in Hamilton, then spends three days preaching in Great Falls.
Will Graham shared the story of Hannah, taken from 1 Samuel in the Bible. Hannah was broken over her barrenness, but turned to God in her grief. "There's plenty of broken hearts in Montana," Graham said. "And I'm here to tell you that can all change tonight."
More than 2,300 came out for Sunday's Celebration, leaving some standing to give others a seat.
"People don't need to see me," Jeremy Camp said from the stage, adding they need to see Jesus. He encouraged the crowd to point to Christ in all they do.
Will Graham's brother, Edward Graham, was there for the last night of Will's Celebration in Helena, Montana, and took a moment to pray over his brother and all who were about to hear the Gospel. "I pray for Will, that You encourage him, that You embolden and empower him to speak through him," Edward prayed. "Lord, it's not his message, but Your message."
A mother and her two girls after one of the little ones chatted with a counselor.
Aaron Shust has been on the road with Will Graham many times for evangelistic Celebrations. Sunday night, he debuted some of his new songs for the crowd.
More than 4,000 people watched the event online Sunday. Several shared where they were watching from—all around the U.S., as well as Honduras, Northern Ireland and Rio de Janeiro.
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Jeremy Camp took a break from the mic to jam out with his guitarist.
"Are you ready to stand before God for eternity?" Will Graham asked. "Jesus said today is the day of salvation. Come now."
Aaron Shust putting everything he's got into worship.
Will Graham jokingly scrunched down when his "little brother," Edward, a 16-year Army veteran, walked onstage for a prayer.
Prayer has preceded each evening of the Helena Celebration, and now it's time to pray for every person whose heart was stirred by God. Will you pray that those who gave their hearts to Christ will continue growing in Him individually and together with other believers? Pray they are emboldened to share their new faith with others in their city.