Image Gallery: Chaplains in Louisville, Miss.

By   •   May 1, 2014

Rapid Response Team chaplain pray with a family member of a homeowner who lost everything in Monday's tornado.
Born and raised in Louisville, this couple lost their home, when the tornado hit, but the five grandkids they were watching were kept safe. — in Louisville, MS.
Items were found anywhere and everywhere as cleanup efforts were fully underway on Thursday.
Lending a comforting hand and a listening ear, chaplains pray with family members of a homeowner who lost her husband two weeks before losing her home, but is leaning on the Lord's strength.
Chaplain providing encouragement on Thursday morning at the Louisville Coliseum
The Rapid Response Team Mobile Command Unit hosted anyone who needed a listening ear, prayer, or a cup of hot coffee or cold bottle of water.
Trees smashing homes were still lodged in roofs, three days after the tornado hit.
This homeowner had a hard time sharing her story, but wanted prayer and a shoulder to cry on.
Chaplain talking in front of the Mobile Command Unit.
Trying to regroup after a tough couple of days.
Trees snapped in half like toothpicks are a common sight here.
Providing a ministry of presence is one of the ways the Rapid Response Team ministers most effectively.
First responders were working tirelessly, many who hadn't had a chance to attend to their own damaged property.
Many conversations were had in front of the Mobile Command Unit.
Automobiles were nearly unrecognizable, still in the same spot Monday's storm left them.
Even the maturest of trees didn't survive this twister.
The RRT Mobile Command Unit is stationed at the Louisville Coliseum, right in front of the Samaritan's Purse Disaster Unit.
The disaster seemed completely overwhelming at times.
The Rapid Response Team and Samaritan's Purse work hand-in-hand during deployments to meet the homeowners' physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
A prized possession—their father's pocket knife—was found as the chaplain visited on Thursday.
Praying for peace and comfort during a heavy time of trails.

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  1. Terri Welty says:

    I am so grateful Billy Graham’s organization is taking such an organized and active part for families in crisis.

  2. Julie says:

    I can’t begin to explain how comforting it was when the chaplains came to our home. Thank you for being there for our family during such a difficult time.

  3. Hazel Garrett says:

    Such a wonderful ministry that is sharing the love of Christ at a very crucial time in the lives of devastated people! Thank you for coming to Louisville, MS and helping and serving.

  4. Hailey says:

    Very dramatic pictures and such a challenging place to do ministry. Thank you all for being there.

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