Cebu Celebration of Life—Friday

By   •   March 27, 2015

people arriving
People arriving to the Cebu Celebration of Life in the Philippines.
People worshipping
Worshiping in the open air, waiting for Will Graham to speak.
Will Graham on stage in Cebu
Thousands flocked to the Celebration, eager to hear Will Graham's message.
Truck banner
Signs and banners announcing the Celebration dotted various vehicles and businesses, with some attendees arriving to the event via public transportation.
Crowd in Cebu
The space was packed. Many locals have spent months praying for people to come to the Celebration.
two women
A counselor connects with one woman who came forward at Will Graham's invitation.
Young men praying
Counselors were on hand to pray with people who flooded the space in front of the stage to respond to Christ.
Crowd in Cebu
As night fell, the energy remained high as many began a new life with Christ.