Billy Graham: Pastor to the Presidents

By   •   February 20, 2017

Billy Graham meets with President Harry Truman
Billy Graham, whose 99th birthday was on Nov. 7, spent time during his ministry visiting with United States presidents. The first president who met with Billy Graham was President Harry Truman, who served from 1945 to 1953.
Billy Graham sitting with President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Billy Graham shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy.
Sharing a laugh with President John F. Kennedy.
Billy Graham speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 1963.
Billy Graham making small talk with President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon.
Billy Graham meeting with President Gerald Ford.
Billy Graham joined President Ford for a round of golf at a pro-am tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1974.
Talking candidly with President Jimmy Carter.
Billy Graham greeting President and Nancy Reagan.
President Ronald Reagan presenting Billy Graham with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Sharing thoughts with George H.W. Bush.
Billy Graham fishing with President George H.W. Bush off the coast of Maine.
President Bill Clinton meeting with Billy Graham.
Billy Graham and President Bill Clinton having a quiet moment in the Oval Office.
Billy Graham standing with President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.
Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, President George H.W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2007.
Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and presidents in front of Library
The Billy Graham Library was created to be an "ongoing Crusade" that points people to the cross.
Billy Graham speaks at the Billy Graham Library dedication.
Presidents praying at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library.
President George H.W. Bush and Billy Graham at a Crusade in Dallas, Texas, in October 2002.
Billy Graham with President George W. Bush, Franklin Graham and Laura Bush at a book signing inside the Billy Graham Library.
President Barack Obama with Billy Graham and Franklin Graham in Billy Graham's Montreat, North Carolina, home.

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  1. Christopher Steve says:

    And the 45th president hasn’t met with the great Billy Graham after he became president. But he met with him before, so I hope he meets with him again. He has great respect and admiration for Billy Graham.

  2. Sonja M Corder says:

    I need your help. It seems like I can’t stay on the right path to get to Heaven.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Sonja,
      Please consider visiting to talk and pray with a member of our team.

  3. Brian Temple says:

    for the Billy Graham Legacy I appreciate what you done for a president I can look at some of them and tell they were listening very intimately but some of them I don’t think had much interest in what you were saying but you did your part and I appreciate that and may God continue to bless you and yours

  4. Mary Estein says:

    Thank you God for giving us Billy Graham. Twelve years of Catholic education did not mean much compared to what I learned from Rev. Graham.

  5. Tina Youngblood says:

    I trust Billy Graham like no other man of God. Thank you Mr. GRAHAM for following the heart of our LORD.

  6. Romuald NDOMBI says:

    Glory to God for the Evangelist Billy Graham’s Life and Ministry. May God continue to bless his family. Amen

  7. Nancy Dammarell says:

    I hope Billy Graham will be able to connect with our new president of USA Donald Trump. Also, I could use help in walking in the Spirit.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Here is an excellent article about the Holy Spirit from Erwin Lutzer: Decision Magazine

  8. Oluchukwu Nwobu says:

    Given me a sense of the real gospel of righteousness against the present deviative gospel of prosperity.

  9. Jesse Nuhu says:

    Am happy that American presidents respect their men of God. Wish Nigerians can be like that. God bless America and Nigeria also.

  10. Liz Moreno says:

    Great and Mighty man of God. Great and Mighty man of Valor. The bless you and keep you…

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