Billy Graham: A Life in Pictures

By   •   October 30, 2009

Billy at age six months posed with his mother for his first photo. (1918)
Billy, age 7 (right), and his sister Catherine with their father. (1925)
Young Billy Graham posed with two of his teachers from the Florida Bible Institute. (1937)
Ruth and Billy Graham on wedding day
With Ruth on their wedding day, August 13, 1943 - Montreat Presbyterian Church
At 27, Billy resigned his pulpit to go on the road with Youth for Christ. (1945)
At the historic Los Angeles Tent Revival. (1949)
Billy Graham with Cliff Barrows modeling the ministry motto: pray, pray, pray
George Beverly Shea, Billy, and Cliff Barrows: brothers in ministry
Franklin, Bunny, Anne, Gigi, and Ruth with baby Ned - at home in Montreat - (1958) - photo by Russ Busby
Preaching in Chicago, 1962 - photo by Russ Busby
Pausing during the Houston Crusade, 1965 - photo by Russ Busby
At the Greenville, S.C., Crusade, 1966 - photo by Russ Busby
Billy and the team at a Crusade
Relaxing with golfer Arnold Palmer, 1968 - photo by Russ Busby
Proclaiming God's Word, New York City, 1969 - photo by Russ Busby
A guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1972 - photo by Russ Busby
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali visits Ruth and Billy at their mountain-top home, 1979 - photo by Russ Busby
Billy in 1980, preaching in Indianapolis - photo by Russ Busby
Singer Johnny Cash and Billy share a moment, 1985 - photo by Russ Busby
Franklin, Ruth and Billy visit Ruth's childhood home in Huaiyian, China (1988) - photo by Russ Busby
The Graham family celebrating Ruth and Billy's 50th wedding anniversary (1993) - photo by Russ Busby
Mr. Graham at his final Cruade in New York City, 2005 - photo by Russ Busby
Franklin gives his daddy a 90th birthday cake at The Greenbriar, 2008 - photo by Russ Busby

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  1. tommy taylor says:

    I’ve been a pastor for 54 years. Billy Graham’s ministry has greatly inspired and encouraged me through the years.

  2. Robert Simmons says:

    Dear Dr. Billy Graham;
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday…
    Wow 98 years young. I’m happy to say it’s a pleasure that I have known you for 35 year’s.
    To be with you when you where in Queens New York.
    Seeing and listing to your message in person was a treat for me.
    Indeed it was an honor for me to be with you.
    Your two best friends touched me so much when singing they are George Beverly Shea and Johnny Cash.
    I am so grateful that I have a loving God, you kept me strong in my beliefs today.

  3. Gloria Meyer says:

    I thank the good Lord for Billy Graham and the work he has done in delivering the word to a faltering nation. He and now his son, Franklin, have stood their ground in proclaiming Christ is Lord. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless your family.

  4. Bill Hayden says:

    Rev. Graham will always be one of the greatest influences in my life! I will never forget my involvement in the 1988 Crusade in my hometown of Buffalo N.Y. My wife and I sang in the choir and I made the altar call. So wonderful! Thank you Rev. Graham!

  5. Beatrice Thiriri says:

    Thank you for all you do for the Church of Christ, you have Blessed and changed many lives!

  6. Frank Krajcir says:

    Thanks for all you have done for the Lord Jesus !

  7. Isaac opoku says:

    I love u papa

  8. Carol Davis says:

    Thank you.

  9. Kailani Koa says:

    You have been blessing in my life, Please pray for me that God will use me mighty to save nations and for my to walk humbly in my walk in Christ and hop to meet you one day. I need God to give me wisdom and hear his voice more.

  10. Judith Erlewine says:

    I always loved watching Billy Graham on TV as a child. His total demeanor spoke a powerful man of God! I am in the process of doing a paper on him, I am comparing him to the Apostle John. I am writing on the personalities and character traits of both . For instance both men were Prominent , humble and men of prayer. Thank you Reverend Billy Graham.

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