Big Faith in Vast Montana

By   •   September 16, 2019

Taking a special moment to watch people turn their lives over to Christ during the last night of the Big Sky Celebration with Will Graham.
After seven evangelistic events in the cities of Helena, Hamilton and Great Falls, Montana, the Big Sky Celebration with Will Graham wrapped up on September 15. Altogether, more than 12,000 people attended.
Will Graham told everyone gathered at the Four Seasons Arena, "God can change your life tonight because He's alive. He's not dead. He's alive." Hundreds of people's lives were transformed as they surrendered their hearts to Jesus Christ.
FLAME had the arena rocking out for Jesus. "It's only right that we continue to be a light in this dark world," he said.
A trained prayer counselor talks with a young man about the important decision he just made to follow Christ.
During yesterday's KidzFest, seven cousins came forward to ask Christ into their hearts. Jim, their grandfather and a Celebration leader, was there. "I got real excited when I saw them," he said. "My wife and I have been praying a long time." One of his daughters, who is the mother to four of the children, lost her husband in a snowmobile accident last year. She also recommitted her life to Christ at the children's event.
Having so much fun.
Local pastors and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association staff pray before the Big Sky Celebration.
Praising God with mind, body and soul.
This prayer counselor was excited about how the Big Sky Celebration would affect Great Falls. "This will leave a lasting impact on our city," he said.
A peace from the Holy Spirit filled the arena during Aaron Shust’s set. Afterward, he introduced Will Graham, saying, "There’s a great pastoral heart beating in his chest. He’s a man of integrity."
Before performing "I Will Fear No More," Josh Havens from The Afters shared, "We’re believing these words, that God is bigger than our greatest struggle." Addressing anxiety, he said, "Those feelings can come on like a freight train. It doesn’t mean they’re true."
Montanans coming in the doors were eager for the live praise music and Good News they were about to hear.
The Color, a Canadian band, talked to the audience about the importance of men being spiritual leaders for their families before singing, "Lord, make me a man who loves his kids and loves his wife. Lord, make me a man who always stands for what is right."
"You're not here by accident. You're here by divine appointment. God wants to speak into your brokenness tonight," Will Graham assured the crowd.
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." —1 John 1:9. You can ask God to forgive your sins and start a new life. Pray now.