BGEA Chaplains in West, Texas

By   •   April 20, 2013

Rapid Response Team chaplains Desi and Carolin Perez talk with Texas law enforcement officers in West, Texas.
An apartment building near the plant that exploded.
The nursing home totaled by the explosion.
BGEA crisis-trained chaplains pray with two Texas law enforcement officers.
A badly damaged home.
Destruction caused by the April 17 fertilizer plant explosion.
BGEA chaplains inside the disaster zone.
Rapid Response Team chaplain Marion Warren praying with a man in West, Texas.
The explosion knocked out hundreds of windows in the town.
A small business in downtown West.
Many businesses have been forced to close their doors because no running water is available.
Flags in West, Texas, at half-staff.
Law enforcement officers on the railroad track, blocking off part of West, Texas.
BGEA chaplains Marion and Judy Warren praying with residents inside a local Mexican restaurant.
Praying with residents inside a restaurant.
A badly damaged home.
A look down one of the streets of West, Texas, just two blocks from the blast site.
BGEA chaplain Marion Warren talking with residents inside a local bakery.
Chaplains praying with people whose loved ones were hurt in the explosion.
Crisis-trained chaplain Marion Warren leading the staff and patrons of a Texas restaurant in prayer. The restaurant manager paused business during the busy lunch rush in order to pray. A restaurant employee who was also a volunteer firefighter/EMT was killed in the explosion.
BGEA chaplain Sue Dowdy hugging a resident.
Three young residents hold a bake sale to raise money for victims of the explosion.
BGEA chaplains and crew praying.
Chaplains Bob and Judy Tefft with a resident who helped save his neighbors after the explosion.
Chaplains Bob and Judy Tefft pray with residents.
You can see straight through this home that was destroyed by the explosion.
Residents pray with BGEA chaplains.
A home badly damaged by the explosion
The explosion damaged dozens of homes within a one mile radius of the blast site.
Someone placed an American flag in a tree within the blast radius.
The force of the explosion shattered hundreds of windows.
Damage from the explosion.
A look inside the nursing home destroyed by the explosion.
The outside of a nursing home within the blast radius.
Damage from the blast.
Another view of the nursing home damaged in the explosion.

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