After a Crazy Year, Refocusing on Christ

By TJ Petrino and Paul Sherar   •   February 7, 2021

Young girl waving arms to music
Everyone could probably use a break after a year of hardship. This little girl brought joy to the socially distant crowd at the February 6 KidzFest, a child-centered program that shares the Gospel through song, video and a message. The program was part of the Tiftarea Celebration with Will Graham, who spoke to people of all ages later in the evening from Tifton in southern Georgia. Watch a replay.
Will Graham bowing his head in prayer onstage
The Tiftarea Celebration was originally scheduled for March 2020, but postponed because of COVID. “Man’s greatest need is peace with God,” Will Graham said to a pandemic-weary crowd in Tifton. Even the richest among us can be discontent without it. His message on peace went out to 50 countries via livestream.
Crowd sitting in church, facing stage
First Baptist Church in downtown Tifton hosted the Celebration, originally planned at a different venue. But if COVID has taught us anything, it's to be flexible. Thank you to all the churches that helped make this Celebration a reality.
Two members of group Go Fish sing onstage
Go Fish produces children’s music “that won’t drive parents bonkers.” On a dreary Saturday morning, the group kicked off the Celebration’s KidzFest with a colorful backdrop and energetic music on Bible stories like Zacchaeus and David and Goliath. Band members even danced with kids in the aisles.
Man wearing mask, leaning on table to pray
More than 100 pastors prayed over this event in the past year. Talking to God can happen anywhere, anytime. Prayer 101: How should you pray? Does God really hear your prayers? Read more.
man speaking with young man, looking at booklet
“In devastation, God works,” Katie Wilson, a First Baptist Church youth leader said. She watched four siblings, including Dallas (pictured here), commit their lives to Christ Saturday, just months after she invited them to church at a funeral for their 15-year-old friend. Read more from people who shared their stories at the Celebration.
Two women talking, one wearing mask, one in face shield
Tifton is home to a lot of small churches. Over 100 local churches were involved in the Celebration, with more than 1,400 people taking the Christian Life and Witness Course to learn how to share their faith.
Livestream host talking to Aaron Shust behind open guitar case
During the livestream, viewers could enter to win a guitar case signed by Aaron Shust, who helped lead worship during the Celebration.
Rhett Walker holding guitar, singing
“We serve a God who's not caught off guard by anything and is the Creator of everything,” music artist Rhett Walker shared after singing about God’s mercy.
Will Graham speaking
After the Celebration, several people listening said they appreciated Will Graham putting Scripture into simple terms they could apply to their lives. Here are some tips for reading and understanding the Bible.