A Look Back at Billy Graham in Birmingham

By   •   August 12, 2015

Billy Graham in Birmingham, 1964
After the 1963 bombing at Birmingham, Alabama's 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four African-American girls, Billy Graham offered to bring his team. The 1964 Crusade gathered the largest integrated audience in Birmingham history.
"If we can't meet at the cross of Christ as brothers, we can't make it in other areas." —Billy Graham
Billy Graham
Billy Graham returned to Birmingham, Alabama in 1972.
The choir at the 1964 Crusade in Birmingham, Alabama, was integrated. Though an unpopular decision, Billy Graham made it clear that segregation would not be part of the meetings. "We would not come otherwise," he said.
A flyer used to get the word out about the 1972 Alabama Crusade.
1972 Crowd
Some of the crowd at the 1972 Alabama Crusade, which took place May 14-21.
Billy Graham preaching
One night of the 1972 meetings, Billy Graham preached on the home. "The American home is in trouble," he said. "The greatest need is to come back to the Bible and see what the Bible and what God has to say about marriage."
Crusade crowd
The 1972 Crusade began on Mother's Day and lasted a week. More than 373,000 attended.
Billy Graham and friends
Billy Graham stands on stage with Joe Namath, Tom Landry, Paul “Bear” Bryant.
Billy Graham
Billy Graham preaching at the 1972 Alabama Crusade.
Legion Field
By the end of the week, nearly 10,000 people had responded to the invitation to accept Christ.

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  1. H. Warren says:

    Great preacher.

  2. Webster Baker says:

    God continue bless Billy Graham ministry. Billy Graham was a peace maker.

  3. Gary Lawson says:

    I remember those crusades great move of God in our state. Thank God .

  4. Ray Findlay says:

    I have read many of your books land Franklin’s as well. I am a retired Marine of Vietnam Vintage. I love my Country but have grave concerns that America is distancing itself from God. I know Billy and Franklin are a positive force in America. Please keep it up. Semper Fi, Ray Findlay, Colonel USMC (Ret) Ray

  5. Fred Meyers says:

    Sitting here in Sydney Australia in October 2015 one remembers the crusades and says Lord do it again

  6. Donna says:

    As a recently ‘born again’ Christian, I am excited to watch as many Billy Graham talks as I can. Looking at these pictures really put an excitement in my heart. I am really looking forward to learning from him.

  7. Vickie A. Reaves says:

    Following Billy Graham’s ministry from a child up, I learned to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. When in the valleys of life, the Lord would bring some of what he preached to my remembrance to carry me through them. Thank God for ministers like him, that lives what he preaches! His teaching made a difference in my life. Thank you Lord for him.

  8. Kecia L Jackson says:

    I love how this is put together! Telling us what went on many years ago and what is happening now:) thank you, I love Billy Graham and all ministries.

  9. Garry Insko says:

    Billy Graham is certainly one of God’s greatest servants.

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