Billy Graham and the Presidents

By   •   February 10, 2010

Billy Graham met with President Truman in 1967 at Truman's Missouri home.
"Eisenhower was the first President that really asked my counsel," said Mr. Graham.
With John F. Kennedy at the National Prayer Breakfast.
Meeting John F. Kennedy in the White House.
Mr. Graham often visited President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House
Billy Graham and Lyndon Johnson at the National Prayer Breakfast.
Mr. Graham and President Richard Nixon had a long friendship.
Mr. Graham visited President Gerald Ford at the White House in the mid-1970s.
Former President Jimmy Carter met with Billy privately during the 1994 Atlanta Crusade.
President Reagan presents Billy Graham with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Mr. Graham knew President Ronald Reagan since the year he married Nancy.
Mr. Graham visited President George H. W. Bush in 1991 at the White House.
President William J. Clinton was 12 when he first heard Billy preach in his home town.
With President George W. Bush
Billy Graham and President Bush enjoy fishing off the coast of Maine.
Mr. Graham joined George and Laura Bush as they signed books at the Billy Graham Library in December 2010.
President Barack Obama visited Mr. Graham at home on April 25, 2010