2,000 Miles Later, God Loves You Tour Wraps Up in California

By   •   October 3, 2021

From September 19 to October 2, Franklin Graham took the Gospel to more than 56,000 people in person and thousands more online during the Route 66 God Loves You Tour.
The tour stopped in Joliet, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Springfield, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Amarillo, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Flagstaff, Arizona; and ended in San Bernardino, California. Did you miss a stop? Find stories and photos from each location.
Route 66 begins in downtown Chicago. It ends less than two hours west of San Bernardino in Santa Monica.
The influence of San Bernardino’s Hispanic population is evident everywhere, from vendors selling fruit and flowers on the sidewalks to bilingual signs in restaurants to bins of tamales and queso Oaxaca in grocery stores. Marcos Witt led worship in both English and Spanish, including “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” He and Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait also sang together.
Richard and Maurice McDonald founded the original McDonald’s in San Bernardino. Some tour attendees drove through the fast food chain for late-night munchies after the event.
Counselors offered prayer and encouragement to new believers.
Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, opened the event in prayer: “We’re so thankful for the power of the Gospel. It’s changed our lives, and we know it’s going to change more lives tonight,” he prayed.
Hundreds of volunteers helped make the God Loves You Tour possible.
Right after sunset, the music began to play while many praised the Lord and danced with joy. Read more from this tour stop.
A woman is delighted by the decision of this small boy to commit his life to Christ. A counselor offers him a detailed explanation about Jesus' sacrifice.
Saturday night, 6,800 people gathered at the National Orange Show Event Center for the last stop of the tour.
Many stood as a show of their commitment to Christ. Others texted their decisions in to receive free online materials to help them grow in their faith. Those who watched the livestream also had an opportunity to receive online resources.
“We all have done things that go against the Word of God. That is called sin. But I am here tonight to tell you that Jesus died on a cross to pay for your sins and mine," Franklin Graham said. Are your sins forgiven?
Time will tell the impact this tour will have on future generations. Please pray for all who heard the Gospel during this event, that they will come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way if they haven't already made that decision.