10 Summer Recipes from The Cove & Graham Family

By   •   June 22, 2020

Originally made by a chef at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, these butterscotch blondies are sure to spread some sunshine in these first days of summer.
Want to do something creative with that watermelon sitting on your counter? Add it to this gazpacho, along with some cucumber, bell pepper and avocado. While this may seem like a fancier dish, Billy Graham loved simple American food. >> Find out one of Mr. Graham's favorite foods.
Time to get out the grill. This surprisingly easy recipe for iron steak with blue cheese bread pudding is straight from The Cove's kitchen and sure to please.
For many people, there's nothing better than mama's cooking. Billy Graham's mother, Morrow Graham, used this pound cake recipe when baking for her family and friends. Served at the Billy Graham Library, you can also find this special treat year-round during a pit stop at the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar at The Billy Graham Library.
Grab a rocking chair and stay hydrated with a cup of carrot apple ginger juice or pink lemonade.
Ruth Bell Graham's ice box oatmeal cookies are a cure for any sweet tooth. Mrs. Graham often baked or cooked to show love to family, friends and strangers. Her son Franklin Graham once said, “She loved God’s people, especially those who needed a helping hand, a guiding touch or a loving hug. She delighted in doing things that you never heard about—cooking for a sick neighbor, teaching Sunday school and visiting the jail.”
Looking for a healthy food option? This quinoa tabbouleh is another item from The Cove and may be your answer to a perfect side dish.
From North Carolina, the Grahams are surrounded by touches of the South, including this scrumptious banana pudding.
Take advantage of blueberry season with these mouthwatering blueberry crumb bars. While these were first served among guests attending seminars or spiritual retreats at The Cove, you have the opportunity to taste them, too. >> See The Cove's event schedule.
This refreshing avocado pesto wrap is a great on-the-go option for those headed to the lake or pool, or even the back porch. No matter where you are, be filled with God's peace. Now that's a wrap!