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We are stewards of the Gospel. The power to proclaim the greatest news in heaven or on earth was not given to the angels. It was given to redeemed men. This was addressed to humble laymen. Some think that only ministers are to preach, but that is wrong. Every Christian is to be a witness; every follower of Christ is to preach the Gospel.

We can preach by sharing our experience with others. We can preach by exalting Christ in our daily lives. Sermons which are seen are often more effective than those which are heard. The truth is: the best sermons are both heard and seen. They are a sort of audiovisual testimony. We can also preach by giving to others, so they may preach. Missionary gifts, church offerings, and charitable contributions all speak eloquently of your unselfishness and Christian generosity.

In all these things, we are partners with God. We are helping by His grace to redeem the world. God needs our time, our talents, our witnessing, and our money, today more than at any other time in history. Become a full, working partner with God.

Prayer for the day

Wherever I go today, make me conscious of the people I meet. They need Your love. So whether I can speak of You to them, say a kind word or minister in any way, I would be like You, Lord—ever loving, ever giving.

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  1. Helen Hadden says:

    As we all know, the Pope is in the United States. And while I believe that he is a good man and is adored by thousands, he is still only a man. I can’t speak for God, but I know for a fact that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was the only perfect man that has ever walked this earth. At least until He sets up His kingdom and we will have a new Heaven and a new Earth. I believe my Bible and that’s what it says. Everyone was wanting selfies with him. The only man on earth that I would want a selfie with would be Billy Graham. Mr. Graham is a wonderful man of God, but I think that even he would say that he is also just a men. God bless you Mr. Billy Graham. You have been and still are an inspiration to me over the years. Thank you sir.

  2. Judy says:

    Feeling very thankful for having 2 of our grandchildren spend the day with us. Watched some of the coverage of Pope Francis….Giving thanks that he visted our nation and praying that some way, some how we citizens of the USA get back on track…ours is a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs…however, God is under attack by the so-called learned faction…To you be all glory and again, thank you for life.

  3. Gerr says:

    Prayerfully ask Christ to give you the words to help and encourage those who need to hear the truth of God. We are not all called to be preachers . However as believers we are all called to happily witness for Christ as he prompts us.

  4. adepeju robert james says:

    Lord jesus christ your command for us is to preach the gospel. help me o God by your grace to impart others with your love where ever I be and to let them know you.

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    My desire is to bring God Glory by helping people, I definitely has the gift of hospitality n practices it well. Glory to Lord! Amen.

  6. Abraham Isah says:

    Life is all about positive impart. The true blessing of God is what is able to penetrate from the body through the mind to the soul! God bless us as we resolve to win a soul today!