Where Is Your Hope?

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stormy sea

The sea was beating against the rocks in huge, dashing waves. The lightning was flashing, the thunder was roaring, the wind was blowing; but the little bird was asleep in the crevice of the rock, its head serenely under its wing, sound asleep. That is peace—to be able to sleep in the storm! In Christ, we are relaxed and at peace in the midst of the confusion, bewilderments, and perplexities of life. The storm rages, but our hearts are at rest. We have found peace—at last!

You can have peace, even in life’s storms.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, dear Lord, for the hope I have in Your abiding love, which surrounds me.

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  1. Vincent says:

    God I rest my burdens on you for in you there is peace abudantly.

  2. Edward says:

    Well said Martha N.. God bless you.

  3. Edward says:

    A close walk with God through Jesus Christ that finds a person: Asking God’s advice in decisions we have to make, asking him for forgiveness of our sins or just generally talking to him during our daily activities makes God happy and gives us peace in our soul.

  4. Jack Miller says:

    Praise the Lord for this day! I once was lost but know am found. Amen.

  5. Gerry says:

    I love the word picture of the bird sleeping in the midst of the storm, that Billy uses. There are many storms in life and how comforting it is to know that God surrounds us with his calming love every single time . His awesome presence gives us extraordinary peace.

  6. offor abraham says:

    awesome GOD!!!

  7. Joyce Paul says:

    Heavenly Father, In JESUS we see YOUR Loving purpose in Boundless Grace. we humbly acknowledge YOUR SON as the One Who came to Save us from our sins.Glory to God!!! Amen.

  8. Joe says:

    Great devotional. Jesus Christ gives us peace and hope in the midst of life’s “storms.” John 14:27; John 16:33

  9. Emmanuel says:

    To God be all the glory. I have hope in my God