What Is Conscience?

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What is conscience? God has put within each one of us something that cries aloud against us, whenever we do that which we know to be wrong. Conscience is the detective that watches the direction of our steps and decries every conscious transgression. Conscience is a vigilant eye before which each imagination, thought, and act, is held up for either censure or approval.

I believe there is no greater argument for the existence of God in the world today than conscience. There is no greater proof of the existence of a moral law and Lawgiver in the universe than this little light of the soul. It is God’s voice to the inner man. Conscience is our wisest counselor and teacher, our most faithful and most patient friend.

Can we really know God’s voice? Read this story to learn more.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Father, for my conscience which checks me and guards my actions. Help me to be alert to its promptings, through Your Holy Spirit.

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  1. Barbara Williams says:

    Billy Graham is a wonderful man of God. His rewards will be seen by many as we enter into Heavens Gate.

  2. Kojo Arakan says:

    Please send me daily devotion all message s

  3. Jonathan Booher says:

    I was concerned that my church wouldn’t understand, but they fully support this. Thank you.

  4. Bernard says:

    Thank you this message sir.

  5. Ellie says:

    I study His word daily but I need help in learning to love like Jesus, to be kind to everyone like Jesus

  6. Linda h says:

    so happy that we have this conscience. Amen

  7. Joyce Paul says:

    Let the brilliance of the treasure of Christ shine through you as you live for HIM! The LAMB Who died to save us is the Shepherd Who lives to Care for us.Thanks and God Bless You! Amen.

  8. Larry E. Whittington says:

    In the beginning there was only one thing that would have been “wrong” and that was the eating of the fruit in the middle of the garden. When this one command was violated, sin occurred and hence the need of a conscience so God enabled Adam and Eve to “know right and wrong”.

    A conscience has passed on to each person but each society may influence their conscience or sear their conscience so it will not be an expression of the truth God had intended. An example would be natives of some areas who do not cover their nakedness.

    Today each person has a conscience. Each person is responsible for lining his conscience up with God’s holiness to be effective. This is an ongoing process in life and learning for our conscience to be effective as a guide in right and wrong.