What God Has Done

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If God is all-powerful and all-loving, it would seem inconsistent with His nature to allow anyone to be lost. Here again we rationalize because we do not understand the nature of God. God cannot go against His own laws and against His own nature. God is holy. He cannot tolerate sin in His presence. He created us free to choose how we would live. He invites us to come His way, but leaves us free to pursue our own ends with tragic, natural consequences. We glibly say, “Surely a loving God would not allow a person He loves to be lost. He just wouldn’t allow it.” Far from allowing it, God has done everything He can to prevent it! Talk about love! “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son . . . ” This is good news. Because of what God in love has done for us, we need not be lost.

Here’s a short clip from Billy Graham: God’s not waiting to judge you

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, your magnanimous love is felt in my life, as I live each day through the grace of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Judy says:

    I love Billy Graham!! We watched him in my home when I was little! My parents loved watching him preach and so did I. He speaks the word of God!!!

  2. helene chaiban says:

    your explanation is deep and clear

  3. JUDY says:

    I love Billy Graham and his sermons!!! He speaks the word of GOD!!

  4. Ann Cox says:

    Everyday I luv Jesus more…Thank you Billy Graham for your service to our Lord and to your brothers & sisters…..Amen<3

  5. Linda Mueller says:

    You know, I wish I was the Christian I should be, but I do know that God gave his son to give his life for me and I accepted Jesus Christ and I have his wonderful salvation deep down in my heart. Yes it feels good to know that God walks with me daily and although I fail him, he is always there to listen to me everyday praying for someone or for things in my own life. He is there and he never forsakes me. Sometimes I feel he is carrying me through the rocky pressures in life and I do know He Loves Me, Yes He Loves Me.

  6. Sarah says:

    Praying for your healing! You have been a part of my life since my teenage years. Now 71. God has blessed us many times through you.

  7. Jill bishop says:

    Thank you for helping the struggling sinners like me. I need the strength and support that you provide. The words help me pick myself up and continue on to The Lord in prayer. What a wonderful Father we have. He has blessed us with your ministry. Thank you.

  8. Adegbe Umoru says:

    You have remained consistent in your service to God and humanity. You’re indeed one of God’s Generals.

  9. Ninann Hughes says:

    God Bless you Billy Graham and family!