What God Expects

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What God expects, and all God expects, is that we dedicate completely all of our talents and gifts to Him. That is the meaning of the parable of the talents in Matthew, chapter 25. Read this parable, and you will see that we are always rewarded because of our faithfulness. You can be just as faithful as anyone and have the commendation of the Lord. Take the one talent you have and invest it in eternal things. Some talented people lose their reward because they do things to be seen of men. Some untalented people lose their reward because they fail to dedicate what they have, because it is not noticed by men. Both have sinned equally.

Read more about the Parable of the Talents.

Prayer for the day

Let me not be concerned with the praise of men, but may my talent be completely yielded to You, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Ricardo Palacios says:

    Thank you for your show and for your prayers. I believe God is touching many lives through your great efforts and I pray that many will come to believe through your work!

  2. Carolyn Burzynski says:

    Dear Jesus, please let my family come home to You!! Please help my daughter get the job she needs so much. Amen.

  3. Sharee Williams says:

    I really need God’s help and prayer please.

    1. Sandi says:

      I have prayed for you. May things improve in your life. I have gone through many struggles, but God through His mercy has brought me through and made me stronger. Have a blessed day.

  4. m says:

    Praise God and bless my family I pray my college age daughter stays on your path lord.

  5. Maria Baemedi says:

    Great daily bread (WORD).

  6. Warren Landry says:

    I am 68yrs old I try to wear T shirts that have bible verses are anything Christ related. I have been asked why do I make such a big deal about being a Christian. I want man to see it, after today’s message I need to pray about am I doing this for the right reasons.

  7. Gerry says:

    It is a privilege to try and encourage those needing encouragement. We will all pass through valleys in life and we ourselves will need an encourager.

  8. Deogratius victor says:

    I have learnt not to focus on men but God