Victory Over Death

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cross on hill

Death is the most democratic experience in life for we all participate in it. We think of its happening only to other people. We don’t like to grow old and we don’t like to die. The Bible teaches that death is an enemy of man and God. But it also teaches that this enemy, death, will ultimately be destroyed forever; that in fact it has already been defeated at the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death, for a Christian, brings permanent freedom from evil. It also means the believer will be like Jesus. We shall be like Christ in love. So much of self is involved in what we do here; but one day, in Christ, we will have perfect love. What a glorious time it will be when we get to heaven!

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Prayer for the day

Jesus, Your victory over death comforts my heart and fills me with hope.

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  1. Patricia Hocking says:

    Through My mother I learned to love Billy Graham and have so much respect for him. His is such a blessing to this world. Thank you Mr Graham

  2. Debra Wilson says:

    This is keeps me going! Victory in Jesus Christ!

  3. anne ruf says:

    Dear Lord, My father, I beg forgiveness for mankind, including myself, that you came and died for. I pray the saved will glorify you and be the Salt to world! Walk as Jesus would walk! Be the Light! In our Lord and Savior’s name I Pray. Amen

  4. abaynesh says:

    Glory be to Jesus for died my death & gave me eternal life.

  5. Samson Samuel says:

    May i be prepare when it shall come.

  6. prince kwesi abayom says:


  7. nana akwasi acheampong says:

    am blessed

  8. Benjamin says:

    thank for the comfort, This Is the hope that joseph had though was dying in the foreign land Genesis 50:24-26

  9. Q Giving Ota says:


  10. Q Giving Ota says:

    God and his word is ONE. God’s word is dependable!