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Although one can derive inspiration from any portion of the Scripture, it is better to have an understanding of the general structure of the Bible to get the most out of it. The Old Testament is an account of a nation, Israel. Out of that nation came Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The New Testament is an account of a Man, the Son of man, the Savior. God Himself became a man, so that we might know what He is like. His appearance on the earth was the central, most important event of history. The Old Testament gives the background for this event; the New Testament tells the story of its fulfillment. You will find a unity of thought and purpose which indicates that one mind inspired the writing of the whole.

Can the Bible be trusted? Billy Graham explains.

Prayer for the day

Inspire me, Lord God, as I read the Bible so that I may be able to understand more clearly Your divine teachings.

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  1. Max says:

    Oh my God, My Heavenly Father. Without the Bible, your Holy Word to light our path we would be walking in darkness.

  2. Drusilla Brewer says:

    Been following Billy Graham since I got saved in 1980. You are a wonderful man of God & thank you so much for leading millions to Jesus. Many rewards & crowns are awaiting you in Heaven. God bless you Reverend Graham.. You are awesome!!!!

  3. Rick Wilson says:

    The Old Testament predicts and shows the way to the coming Messiach (Messiah), Yeshua, while the New Testament tells about His life, and how He was resurrected to eternal life, then later He joined the Heavenly Father in His Kingdom, standing to the right of YHWH God’s throne, ever ready to help and speak on our behalf.

  4. Reuben musau says:

    Billy Graham, Your preaching and teachings inspires me alot, may our great God bless with long energetic life. Reuben, Amen

  5. Terri Breazeale says:

    I love to read the word of God!

  6. henry says:

    I need the word of God daily

  7. Randy Starkey says:

    The Bible is my favorite book …….. looking forward to meeting my Lord and my God face to face …

  8. Beverly says:


  9. Georgetta Maxine Kreis says:

    Thank You for being the soft clay that God could mold into someone who was willing to be used of Him to teach about Him.

  10. Gerry says:

    Every word written in God’s Holy Book the Bible , was inspired by God, through his Holy Spirit. What an amazing privilege it must’ve been to be chosen to pen these life saving words.