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Christ is the answer to sadness and discouragement. This is a world of thwarted hopes, broken dreams, and frustrated desires. G.K. Chesterton says, “Everywhere there is speed, noise and confusion, but nowhere deep happiness and quiet hearts.”

A Hollywood columnist wrote about a famous movie star, “The bright, carefree radiance has gone from her pretty face.” Optimism and cheerfulness are products of knowing Christ. If the heart has been attuned to God through faith in Christ, then its overflow will be joyous optimism and good cheer.

You will never be free from discouragement and despondency until you have been tuned to God. Christ is the wellspring of happiness. He is the fountainhead of joy. Here is the Christian’s secret of joy.

Learn more about the Christian’s secret of joy. 

Listen to this 1-minute testimony about unexplainable joy from God. 

Prayer for the day

By Your love I experience the delight of a quiet heart. Deep down is the joy that cannot be taken away. Lord, may I always keep my eyes on You, my source of joy.

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  1. Joe says:

    Amen. Thanks be to God.

  2. Gerry says:

    There is only one way that leads to true peace and lasting happiness—His name is Jesus Christ. All the other ways lead to disappointment and a dead-end. The choice is yours.

  3. NadiadeMancha1 says:

    Bless your heart hope u are have a pleasant day . 🙏👨💎😇💒

  4. Susan says:

    Thank you Jesus for dying for me and rising again so My sins could be forgiven. Make and mold me as you want me to be. Teach me to be a witness for you. May my life shine so others can know you Lord.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Lord I pray to you to please bring me closer to you & know you more. Use me mightily Lord, please equipt myself to share the gospel. Let your glory shine on me so the people around in my everyday activity can see the radiant of Your glory.

  6. Amelia says:

    Lord, please help me trust in you even when hope seems to be lost. I know it is your way of bringing me closer, it is your way of teaching me what it actually means to have faith.

  7. FISH JOY E. SMITH says:


  8. Armando Eguire says:

    God bless you