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There is an old story that tells about a pig. . . . The farmer brought the pig into the house. He gave him a bath, polished his hooves, put some Chanel No. 5 on him, put a ribbon around his neck, and put him in the living room. The pig looked fine. He made a nice and companionable pet for a few minutes. But as soon as the door was opened, the pig left the living room and jumped into the first mud puddle that he could find. Why? Because he was still a pig at heart. His nature had not been changed. He had changed outwardly but not inwardly. . . .

You can take a man—dress him up, put him in the front row in church, and he almost looks like a saint. He may fool even his best friends for a while, but then put him in his office, or in the club on Saturday night, and you will see his true nature come out again. Why does he act that way? Because his nature has not been changed. He has not been born again.

What does it mean to be born again?

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, there are times when I debase my Christian walk and slip again into the mire. Cleanse and strengthen me, for Jesus' sake.

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  1. Samuel David Branch says:

    What a beautiful devotion this morning. Christ is calling for all to open their hearts and be born again. Turning away from sin and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior is the greatest victory in life. Every day we make the choice to walk in the light or to walk in the darkness. The consequences are severe as to what direction we take. Thank you for a great devotion today.

  2. Lashaz crawley says:

    That article tells the truth about us and how we slip into situations that seem to make our life harder from moving forward. I asked God every day to help me overcome my true colors so I can be born again.

  3. Laah Tucker says:

    In God’s mercy I was redeemed. Hallelujah! My eternal destination is secure. The journey is up to me.

  4. lisa sumida says:

    Thank you Billy Graham for the prayer today and everyday. I appreciate the prayers. Keep it coming! Lisa Sumida

  5. ann says:

    praise the Lord!

  6. Max says:

    Old habits and nature’s die hard. Only Jesus can get us through to a new heart and mindset. We must constantly stay connected to the Holy Spirit and not go anywhere or do anything we would be ashamed to have Jesus with us.

  7. Gerry says:

    Believers are far from perfect ….however we are forgiven. We must do our best each and every day to stay the course. When we fail ( and we will) , we must prayerfully ask the Lord to forgive us and strengthen us in our areas of weakness.

  8. offor abraham says:

    Help me not to stray from your mercies that are new every day, search me through and thoroughly remove that spirit that wants to make me derail. Amen.

  9. daniel says:

    True and true indeed. May God have mercy on me, cleanse and strengthen me, for Jesus’ sake.