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There is an old story that tells about a pig. . . . The farmer brought the pig into the house. He gave him a bath, polished his hooves, put some Chanel No. 5 on him, put a ribbon around his neck, and put him in the living room. The pig looked fine. He made a nice and companionable pet for a few minutes. But as soon as the door was opened, the pig left the living room and jumped into the first mud puddle that he could find. Why? Because he was still a pig at heart. His nature had not been changed. He had changed outwardly but not inwardly. . . .

You can take a man—dress him up, put him in the front row in church, and he almost looks like a saint. He may fool even his best friends for a while, but then put him in his office, or in the club on Saturday night, and you will see his true nature come out again. Why does he act that way? Because his nature has not been changed. He has not been born again.

What does it mean to be born again?

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, there are times when I debase my Christian walk and slip again into the mire. Cleanse and strengthen me, for Jesus' sake.

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  1. marywanjiru says:

    Jesus talks of being born again and Paul talks of becoming a new creation through the spirit of God which changes our heart and our mind which is evident in our lives .

  2. Allison Olivier says:

    I love to listen to Dr, Billy and Franklin Graham … God bless You All ~

  3. Angie says:

    Thanks u for the word of encouragement Rev.Billy Graham truely u are Gods servant

  4. Noel Rajan says:

    Best for devotion

  5. Ronda windham says:

    I am filled with bitterness about lies being spread against me by people who claim they are Christians. This has hurt so much whence I know I serve Jesus. AlwYs have si ce i was 10 years. Old. I am seriously depresses. Trying to get help but having problems with all meds tried. Prayer. I need plenty.

    1. Sandi says:

      Ronda, I see your comment is from last year, have prayed a prayer that things have been better since than. I would encourage you to continue in your walk with Jesus. Lay your bitterness aside, and allow Jesus to continue to work in your life. Heavenly father I pray that those who are spreading these lies will be tripped by their words and the truth will be revealed. I pray Lord that you continue to bless Ronda and give her encouragement and peace. I pray this in Jesus name.

  6. Audrey says:

    We are all imperfect people and does need inner cleansing everyday with the blood of Jesus!!!

  7. Sharon Southerly says:

    Love Billy Graham

  8. Andreas Fuapo says:

    Very powerful and inspired. Praise God.

  9. tall says:

    We need to ask for God’s Grace strength n cleansing everyday

  10. David says:

    And Do Not Be COMFORMED To This World, But Be TRANSFORMED By The RENEWING Of Your MIND, That You May Prove What Is That Good And Acceptable And Perfect Will Of God. ( Romans 12 : 2 )