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It is strange that the world accepts enthusiasm in every realm but the spiritual. The world appreciates and understands emotion and enthusiasm, until it becomes a religious fervor—then immediately it is suspect. When you bring a grand and glorious abandon to your dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are thought by many of your neighbors to be mad, to have “gone too far” in religion.

The whole history of missionary enterprise is filled with names like William Carey, Hudson Taylor, John Paton, David Livingstone, and others, who were thought by their generations to be mad. Their dedication was beyond the understanding of those who loved the smugness and the ease of contemporary life . . . And yet, in the last analysis, who are the mad ones? Are they not the complacent, self-centered, and smug who are so selfish that they tire of their own smugness, tire of their pleasures, and even tire of themselves?

Be encouraged to be bold for Christ as you read this timeless message.

Prayer for the day

Let me rededicate my life to You, with complete abandonment, Lord Jesus.

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  1. chris hopwood says:

    I wlook forward to reading the e mail.Even though I am not strictly a Baptist,The Lord has put many Baptists accross my path & they are true friends.

  2. IKEKE VINCENT says:

    Thank u sir for inspiring this generation with the words of GOD,I am previledge to read ur messages and i like to hear more of them remain bless.From Ikeke Vincent.

  3. Coach says:

    I pray The Lord will give me greater fervor for HIM

  4. Olawale Judah Olajide says:

    It is a wonderful message. Thank God for Billy Graham & BGEA.

  5. Olawale Judah Olajide says:

    People always think that you can fanatically follow any sport, be fanatically dedicated to any field or profession in life except religion. If its others its acceptable but if its religion you are mad.

  6. Virgie Walker says:

    Billy Graham has been such an inspiration to me. God bless him and his ministry.

  7. Donna M. Rice says:

    Bless you Mr. BILLY Graham. Thank you for being a blessing in this world.

  8. Nancy a Korotka says:

    I am a mess in progress for The Lord!

  9. Cindy Kalivoda says:

    Thank you Billy Graham for your ministry! We should all be more enthusiastic about our Lord! Alot of people fear being enthusiastic about the Lord because of what other people think. We should care more about what the Lord thinks!

  10. Jen says:

    Always encouraging