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It is significant that our first astronauts, while being trained for their moon flights, were required to give twenty answers to the query, “Who are you?” Take the same test yourself. When you have made your list and run out of things to add, ask yourself if you have truly answered. Do you really know who you are? Scientists agree that our desperate search leads all humans to seek heroes and to imitate others, to “paste bits and pieces of other people on ourselves.” We make love as some actor would. We play golf in the style of Jack Nicklaus. Part of this process is natural, for we learn by imitating others. The tragedy is that the person we assemble is not genuine. “Who am I?” you cry as you roam the world looking for yourself. Consider this: there are three of you. There is the person you think you are. There is the person others think you are. There is the person God knows you are and can be through Christ.

Defining Moments: See how three people found their identity in Christ.

Finding your true identity: Read “5 Things Jesus Wants Women to Know”

Prayer for the day

Lord, help me to break through the façade and know myself as You do.

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  1. carla says:

    never thought of that way.but, your right.Thank you for letting me see it this way.

  2. Gerry says:

    I am a member of God’s family. All because of what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did at Calvary .

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    THE BIBLE gives us a picture of WHO WE REALLY ARE. we are nothing without JESUS,so give HIM The Credit! God Bless for Spiritual guidance! God Richly Bless Dr Graham,Franklin Graham, Will Graham n BGEA Ministries! amen.pray 4 me.

  4. amy neidengard says:

    Lord, help me to be the person you created me to be.

  5. Sarah Odhiambo says:

    His sermons are always on Salvation.Which i think is the most important in this world we are living in and ofcourse in the world to come.

  6. Brian Farney says:

    I had received this daily devotional for many months but it ceased arriving for some reason. Just hoping to have it begin again

  7. Rodney phillips says:

    I needed that, thanks

  8. Tyler Robinson says:

    Lord help me be the person you created me to be.

  9. Eng. Johnson P. Nchoe says:

    I love Billy Graham. I am a trained electrical engineer from Kenya but working now for a world bank funded project in Liberia. I am 54 years old, married with 3 grown up children. Serving the Lord since 1978, when i gave my life to Christ. Praise the Lord! The best book i read from Billy Graham is “World Aflame.”