The Real You

By   •   March 9

woman reflection

Experts have told us that society is sick. Their solutions have treated human frailty with infusions of low-income housing, welfare payments, integrated education, and psychological conditioning. But we are learning that this is not the total answer. The world does need changing, society needs changing, the nation needs changing, but we never will change it until we ourselves are changed. And we never will change until we look into the mirror of our own soul and face with candor what we are inside. Then freely acknowledge that there is a defect in human nature, a built-in waywardness that comes from man’s natural rebellion against God. I am not preaching now, just trying to give you an understanding of what makes you tick. But I also expect to show you that, in the end, you can find your answers only in a personal relationship with God.

Prayer for the day

It is useless to hide the real me from You. I pour out this day all my innermost thoughts and feelings, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Bill Foreman says:

    I need Jesus in my life every second of the day or I get mind sickness!

  2. Kara says:

    Good word on looking within ourselves. No one wants to do this of course cause it’s pretty scary what one will see inside. I feel so awful to see myself as I really am. I do not deserve anything but judgement. Filled with anger and injustice with a sprinkle of unforgiveness and knowing I have broke one if not all the commandments and now to ask why would God love me? Because HE does and can see through our bad choices to our real hearts which are sorry. That is why he died for us. He can cleanse us and make us new creatures if we can but, forgive ourselves.

  3. aboihi says:

    All change is messy at first but wonderful at the end. What a wonderful message

  4. Chris Kato says:

    Always inspired to move on in faith

  5. Blonde Tee says:

    Was blessed

  6. Sudeep Kumar Pani says:

    I really love to heard from you God’s word. Please keep me in your pray.

  7. Ruth kithuku says:

    GOD is afaithful

  8. Shea says:

    Keep me in your prayers.

  9. andrew patir says:

    750 characters maximumpraise god

    1. Dewey Hudson says:

      I enjoyed speaking with you on messenger. God bless, Dewey