The Problem of Boredom

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Do you know what nearly all the sociologists say today in their study of young people? The greatest problem facing young people today is not sex—it is boredom. Did you know that when they had the riot at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire they asked the young people what was wrong, why did they do it? Many of them said, “Just for the hell of it.” Bored—life has no purpose, life has no meaning. Give your life to Christ and you will never spend another bored minute.

Give your life meaning and make a decision to accept Christ today. 

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, when I gave my life to You, my days were flooded with the splendor of Your love.

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  1. Esperanza Luna says:

    Please pray for my grandchildren and that they would walk in God’s path.

  2. Norma Vestal says:

    Pray for my husband he is sick

  3. Anju benjamin says:

    Yes, with Christ every failure will turn towards happiness.

  4. Rebecca Halstead says:

    Please keep the people who have listed everything in the California fires. Pray for protection of the firefighters and recuse units.

  5. Mark says:

    Young people are so wrapped up in technology; it’s become an idol to many in our society. They need to know the great love of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Actually there are many idols in our culture, but they ultimately lead to emptiness. The way of Jesus Christ is not only fulfilling but leads to eternal life.

  6. Erika lee says:

    Keep me in prayer 💜

    1. Sam says:


  7. Melanie Ross says:

    Boredom actually leads me to Him..