The Giver of the Gift

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God is the Giver of the gift. The capability of the donor usually gauges the value of the gift. We don’t usually think of a person as a gift, but actually interpersonal relationships are the most valued and cherished gifts of all. But the Bible teaches that God gave a Person as a gift to every one of us, and that Person is Jesus Christ. One day a six-year-old boy in a southern town answered a knock at the door.

It was his father, just returned from Southeast Asia. He didn’t ask, “Daddy, what did you bring me?” He threw his arms around his father’s neck and said, “Oh, Daddy, this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had!”

Billy Graham tells how to be in relationship with your Heavenly father.

Prayer for the day

Your costly gift of Jesus, Father, fills all the longings and desires of my heart.

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  1. George says:

    Jesus is the best gift we can have, He offers what anybody on earth can’t give us, heaven.

  2. Mr and Mrs David and Carol Tharp says:

    Dr Graham, You Saved Me & My older Brother Robert ( Bobby ) Tharp’s Souls at a Revival in Nashville,Tn over 60 Yrs ago ! We were either 3 & 5 or 4 and 6 yrs old. My Mom Missed Me and Sent Bobby to “Fetch” me when I just Got Up and Ran down to the Front when “Just as I am” Started and You were Talking Softly and Sincerely. He ( Bobby was Listening Too, and By The Time He Caught Me, He was on a Mission from God just like Me ). When We Both Showed up Down at the Front My Mom & Dad came down and You Were already talking to Us. You Talked to Them and We were Baptized at our Baptist Church in Nashville just a month or two after That. You Came to Tallahasee Years ago & Had Had to Have a pretty big deal Dental thing Fixed to Make that Service at the Civic Center. I brought My Mother to See that and She was way up in her 70’s I’m Pretty Sure. She’s 95 Now & She Like Me, Still is Thrilled every time She Reads about, Sees, or Hears About Billy Graham! God Bless You ! Ps:They Get You On The TV in Her Room anytime the nurses Figure Out It’s Available at Nursing Home and Her Eyes Sparkle When You Are On The Screen. Same Thing Happens for Me & Wife, Carol when we See You at Our Home in Tallahassee,Fl

  3. Joan Hinton says:

    Thank you for your life long devotion to God, and to your ministry.

    1. Glenda Hoggatt says:

      God bless you and yours at this blessed Christmas you’ve been a blessing to me also.

  4. Karen Figgins says:

    Thanks to God’s gift of Jesus, there is love and beauty in the world!!

  5. Judy McMennamy says:

    Thankful for rev. Graham’s ministry over the years. Praying God’s blessings on him.

  6. Tommy Vaughn says:

    In the Gift of Jesus Christ, we have,” The Greatest Gift that no other person could ever give, and that death cannot take away. Jesus is the only one, able to give Eternal Life to those who receive him.

  7. Lena Collins says:

    God bless your ministry !!!

  8. pastor Onaolapo Isaac says:

    Keep up d good work sir.

  9. Idoko innocent says:

    True, jesus is so many things in one…what else can be more than that

  10. Peggy Shelden says:

    God Bless you always.