The Beginning of Wisdom

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I believe we ought to get all the education we can, but we dare not make it our god. John Dewey once defined education as the systematic, purposeful reconstruction of experience; but so much of modern education leaves out God. What we are actually doing is reconstructing our sins. We expand our sins, enlarge them, multiply them. We need education, but not just for the mind and the body; we also need education for the spirit. Man has a spirit, and in our educational system today we need a spiritual emphasis. If we bring up a generation that lacks the wisdom that God can give, they can turn into educated savages and fools. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and education. Let’s make sure our rock is God.

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Prayer for the day

Almighty God, I am grateful to You that Your Word educates my spirit and makes me whole.

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  1. Annika Nordenbring says:

    Yes we need to come back to a honest, unforceful, joyful relationship with our God and Jesus! I am now in Sweden for an event God told me to start in 2016. I was an atheist 5 years ago living in NJ, USA but when trouble came into my 35-year marriage, I asked desperately for help! I am divorced but before that Jesus came into my life and I have never been happier! My heart is crying out for all lost in the world who never heard about our dear Savior. Now one of my missions is to tell the Swedish people about Jesus! 8/10 are atheists and forget about mention God in any circumstance, they look at you like you are crazy! My intention is to break the strongholds of darkness over the whole Europe! Music that changes nations!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Pray for me

  2. Allison Scopelliti says:

    Dear Mr. Graham,

    I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for standing up for what is right and good every single day. Our lives are parched and difficult. We are lost without God, and you are bringing him to us. May God give you strength to continue.
    Allison Scopelliti
    Mother of 4
    Havre de Grace, Md.

  3. Hsin-yi Tsai says:

    Thanks for the course.

  4. Maria Street says:

    Thank you for Pastor Billy Graham’s devotionals.

  5. Cindy says:

    I also am praying for you, your family, my family, our leaders and the world. The sprits of man for good.

  6. Mark C says:

    Education is one thing.

    Truth is another.

    ‘thy word is truth’ John 17:17

  7. Rita hart says:

    Billy Graham and your ministry has been an inspiration to me most of my life. You are the only one on television or public speaking that I have ever trusted