Tears of Repentance

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There is a certain amount of sorrow involved in repentance that we don’t see much of today. That word means moaning and even groaning. I don’t mean that we have to have a great emotional experience, but I do believe that we need some tears of repentance. We need to be sorry for our sins, and to say, “Oh, God, I have sinned against You, and I’m sorry.” I am not an emotional person. I don’t know why, but I don’t cry easily. But of the few times I have cried in my life, some of them have been over sin that I committed many years ago.

The night I came to Christ, I didn’t have any tears. But later I went home and I looked out my window at the North Carolina sky and I cried over my sins. I said, “Oh, God, forgive me.” And the most wonderful peace swept over my soul. From that moment on, I’ve known that my sins were forgiven.

What does repentance mean? Listen to this message from Billy Graham.

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Prayer for the day

There is sorrow in my soul when I remember how I fail You, loving Lord. Forgive my frailties.

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  1. Stephen Hall says:

    Thank you Lord for allowing me to cry the tears of sorrowful repentance. I have faith You forgive me and You can transform me. Help me find the peace which is found in Your love and a close relationship with You and others who need and seek You. As I read and study Your word, help me find the talent to share Your Word and Your love with others. And again today I ask that You lift up my “Daddy” to the comfort of Your home in Heaven. Amen

  2. Joyce Paul says:

    Rejoice, O soul, your debt is paid, for all Ur sins on Christ were laid. We’ve been redeemed, We’re justified_ and all because THE SAVIOR DIED!!! Praise Lord!!! Amen.

  3. Enakpene david says:

    Your message brought light to me,lord help my faith in you,i want to live for you alone lord

  4. Mrs David Murray says:

    Always reach for the light follow your future

  5. Leslie Wescher says:

    So true, true repentance brings. Brokenness

  6. Phoebe Faith says:

    we’d like to receive more Godly messages from you!

  7. isaac owusu ansah says:

    I would love to receive daily bible message

  8. Gerry says:

    When God forgives you and lifts the burden of guilt from your heart and mind, you will experience a peace you have never previously known

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    Faith in CHRIST is not a leap in to the dark, it’s a step into Light. Only JESUS can transform our life.
    God Bless Dr Graham, Franklin Graham, Will Graham and BGEA Richly! amen.

  10. Therese Rosanna Peiris Arnold says:

    Thank you Dear Pastor for your message, which I shared with my Father today……..He too was encouraged at the age of 90. We give God glory for using you mightily in these times. We love you.