Talk vs. Action

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In a decadent society the will to believe, to resist, to contend, to fight, to struggle, is gone. In place of this will to resist, there is the desire to conform, to drift, to follow, to yield, and to give up. This is what happened in Rome, but it also applies to us. The same conditions that prevailed in Rome prevail in our society. Before Rome fell, her standards were abandoned, the family disintegrated, divorce prevailed, immorality was rampant, and faith was at a low ebb. As Gibbon said, “There was much talk of religion, but few practiced it.”

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Prayer for the day

May I be worthy to bear the name Christian, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Joyce Paul says:

    God gives us an amazing range of freedom. We are free to choose what we will say, when and how we say it. And we are always free to ask Him for wisdom.

  2. Freda Lovell says:

    Lord, thank you for Jesus. Thank You for Your Son who died for my sins that I might have everlasting life. Praise the name of the Lord. May all come to know Christ Jesus. Glory be to God!


    Glory be to God in the highest for the wonders He is doing!

  4. martha says:

    Praise god and protect my family

  5. Angela Goeglein says:

    May my action speak louder than my words so I may bear the name Christian, Lord Jesus. amen.

  6. Joseph Osondu Ojay says:

    Lord make me a doer of your word in Jesus name, amen.

  7. Donald Safford says:

    I loved the prayer. So many call themselves christians but are not. I want and pray to be more Christlike.

  8. Daniel says:

    Dear lord may i be worthy to bear the name christian,

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    God’s Precious Love story of JESUS is simple. HE sent HIS SON to rescue us from sin and death.
    WONDERFUL NEWS that even children can understand. PRAISE LORD!!! HALLELUJAH!!!