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A line of human thought that seems right to many people is the idea of self-redemption. Man thinks he must work at righteousness to save himself. After all, it was man who sinned and as we say, “God helps those who help themselves.” But a greater truth than this emerges from the Bible-the truth that God helps those who cannot help themselves. We cannot save ourselves. It is noble to be upright if we can. It is admirable to be honest, kind, and compassionate. It would seem that these characteristics would be sufficient to save our souls. But the Bible says that though this way seems right, it is wrong.

Prayer for the day

Father, I know that my attempts at living a good life are nothing compared to my beloved Savior, Jesus Christ; but because of Him I can come to You, knowing He has redeemed me.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    Although it is true that ALL will be resurrected, thanks to the grace granted us through Yeshua the Christ, still we must continually daily show our respect for this grace by following the Decalogue, ALL ten commandments, otherwise our faith is brought to nought, or is nothing; we would, therefore, become followers of sin not Christ.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Salvation is an amazing gift from God! Because of the sacrifice at Calvary by Jesus we can be born again. Once we are born again we are expected to follow Christ and obey Him! Many believers today are deceived by the enemy that they don’t have to obey God and His word and still be saved! They keep on fornicating, committing adultery, etc. etc….without true repentance…Romans 1 & 6…True, God is a forgiving God…but if you truly have made Christ the Lord of your life…you will honor His temple (your body) and will obey what ever He tells you to do! It really is our free will to either obey or rebel…the enemy rebelled! I’ve heard it said we need to obey God quickly and quietly…God is Holy and He has called us to Holiness as well!

    1. Pius says:

      Well said. People should be made to get this truth, that once we are made new creations, we live not unto ourselves again but unto him that loved us and gave himself for us.

  3. James says:

    Thank you for redeeming me from a life of sin and shame…

    1. Laura Brafford says:


  4. Cory says:

    If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior doesn’t that mean you should do all you can not to sin? You can say you accept Him all the time but if you don’t turn from sin how can you really believe you are saved? To accept Him is to turn from sin. However we will still sin no matter how hard we try not to. You have to believe in His Grace, that He saves you no matter what. I always struggle to understand this.