Standing Firm

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Daniel and his companions were tempted to forsake their godly heritage, but they refused. They even faced a fiery furnace rather than compromise. God honored their faith and mightily used them. Moses was surrounded by the luxury and godlessness of the Egyptian court, but cast in his lot with his own people. Lot lived in Sodom and saw the obscenities of that doomed city. God saved him out of it because he trusted in Him. Every one of our Lord’s apostles sealed their faith with their lives. Since then, history has been replete with the lives of men who have put God and His way of life above all else.

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Read Franklin Graham’s message, “Cowards or Overcomers? Standing Strong on God’s Word”

Prayer for the day

Help me to stand by faith in You, when I am tempted, almighty God.

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  1. Gerry says:

    On our own we are no match for satan’s deceptive ways. When you sense temptation approaching , seek the full Armor of God. Otherwise failure is certain.

  2. Joyce Paul says:

    If we hold to God’s Truth, we won’t be trapped by satan’s lies. JESUS alone can supply the grace we need for each trial we face. God Bless you and your worldwide Ministries! Amen.

  3. Les Evenhus says:

    Thank you Mr. Graham and thank you God.

  4. Susan McNeel says:

    Please pray for my daughter’s salvation who was raised a Christian but now proclaims to be atheist. She also won’t allow me to see my grandchildren because I’m Christian and have told them about Jesus. Please pray for Jenna and the children! Thanks

  5. Martha Olsen says:

    I thank you every day dear Lord for the many blessings that you have given me. You have always been there for me through thick and thin. I so love you.

  6. Bukenya Edward says:

    i appreciate a few people in this world including mr .graham who have devoted their lives to protecting the word of God not for the love of money but out of a pure heart.i praise the lord who has used you and your entire ministry for that job.pray for me coz i desire one day to be like that

  7. Tracey says:

    Satan has had a strong hold on me for so long that it is hard to break free and I so want to break free. I know that God is there for me. Please pray for me I so need to be strong and to fight this evil off my shoulders.

    1. Max says:

      I pray for you Tracey. God bless you.