Sight for the Blind

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I try to explain to you the joy of following Christ: the thrill, the excitement, the exhilaration—knowing where I’ve come from, why I’m here, where I’m going! There’s a reason for existence. There’s a reason for getting up every morning of the year. I try to tell you what I’ve found in Jesus Christ, and in studying the Scriptures and walking with Him, and you say, “I can’t see that!” Of course, you can’t. You are blind. Try to explain television to a blind man. He can understand a little of it, but it doesn’t make sense to him. Try to explain a sunset to him. He’s blind to it. The scales must be removed from your eyes, and only Christ can do that. He can remove them right now and you can start living and seeing a whole new world that you never knew existed, if you will let Him open your spiritual eyes.

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Prayer for the day

I thank You for that Power that is able to give sight to the spiritually blinded eyes of each person who trusts in You, Lord Jesus.

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  1. michael says:

    I am reminded of the saying “there is none so blind as he who will not see,” & that includes those who will not see the gospel.

  2. Gerry says:

    After accepting Christ into your life all things begin to change for the better. Your priorities will shift. You will have a positive change of heart on a lot of things. You will soon realize that it is by far the best thing to ever happen to you.

    1. Max says:

      AMEN Gerry. God bless you.

  3. henry Inkoom says:

    I receive my sight to in the name of Jesus Christ to see spiritual things in the new world.

  4. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. Everytime I am reading your devotion I am calm and filled with securety. Bless you!

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    Lord Jesus opened my eyes and I can see His Glory! He is my Redeemer and Savior!

  6. Jewel says:

    You are a Great Father!

  7. Jane says:

    I have decided to follow Jesus and to learn His word to enable me mature spiritually.

  8. Francis Oluoch says:

    God bless you Billy!

  9. betty says:

    I thank God for letting me see. And I thank God for this ministry.