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There are those near you in your own community who need the regenerating power of Christ. You can call them by name. I suggest that you make a list and begin by spending time in prayer for them. Ask God to show you how to witness to them and how to win them. Their lives can be transformed by the message you give them. You are to share this Gospel you have received. If Christ has done anything for you, then share it. In so doing, you are showing mercy! As you have received the mercy of God by the forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life-thus you are to show mercy! And in showing mercy you will not only receive mercy but you will find a stimulating happiness!

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Prayer for the day

As I close my eyes in prayer, let me see the faces of those who need to know You, beloved Savior.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    I just wanted to let you know that though I’m extremely poor in money my Father has made me rich through His grace and your ministry. I hope in Him and I pray with you. Thank you for your devotion. God bless you.

  2. Rose says:

    My prayers are with Franklin, Billy, Anne, and your Spirit Filled Ministry. I am truly grateful for all your important ministries to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God guide, guard, and strengthen you in these last days. Much love to you all!

  3. Rosario Lewis says:

    Thanks you have again reminded us of our primary duty of sharing Gospel. There are so many who need it. Matthew 28: 16-20 tell that it is everyone’s duty. If not at least we should pray remembering those who are in need of the touch of Jesus. Thanks for giving us opportunity to share comments though all are not published still it helps to grow in our Christian life. Glory to God. He has risen and coming again. Be ready you may not have another chance to turn to him, repent and accept Him as Lord and saviour of your life. Amen